Analog: Black Art Incubator

A series of texts and public events to reflect about self, community and the empowerment of black women in the arts.

Image: © Analog: Black Art Incubator, Entry no.2 

Image: © Analog: Black Art Incubator, Entry no.2 

The Black Art Incubator emerges as a project part of the Recess's online residency: Analog in 2016. Created by Taylor Renee Aldridge, Jessica Bell Brown, Kimberly Drew, and Jessica Lynne; this initiative provides a space to re-think the inseparability of the self and the community, as well as the role of black women as community-builders.

This project coexists as an ongoing digital platform and as a series of public gatherings to open the dialogue around these topics. 


"Analog – Black Art Incubator takes a pair of references as its starting point: Zora Neale Hurston’s assertion in Their Eyes Were Watching God that the black women is the “mule” of the world; and the tenet of Ubuntu philosophy that holds that the self can be a self only because of its relative positioning within a collective society, and in turn, a collective society can be maintained only through acknowledgement of this interconnectedness."