BAK is an art center located in Utrecht that serves as a space where art, knowledge, and activism meet. Its main mission aims to promote and open a dialogue around the role of art in society.

Founded in 2003, BAK welcomes a variety of audiences to comment on an urgent and shared subject around sociopolitical issues in current times. Each topic triggers a series of public events, exhibitions, or publications to review and explore the chosen topic from different perspectives; in order to unfold new possibilities or ideas around it. BAK focus on collaborative practices, education, engagement, and experimentation, that could summon to the idea of common future.

As an organisation, BAK not only fosters artistic experimentation, but also intends to highlight the importance of a theoretical framework, as well as community engagement.

BAK is located in Utrecht, nevertheless, it keeps up an active online division, parallel to its activities, along with a mobile extension that enables the collaboration with international institutions.

Contact info:

+31 (0)30 2316125