DIY // Fabric Protest Banners from Stephanie Syjuco

Artist Stephanie Syjuco has a gift for you! A long-time educator interested in combining art methods with social engagement, she created a PDF so that anyone can make their own fabric protest banners at home!

 image  c/o KQED

image c/o KQED

As Syjuco explains:
"I put together this overview to share some examples of fabric protest banners that I
designed and made since the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. I realized that I
wanted to create lasting images and signage that took advantage of a skillset that I’ve
honed over the years -- sewing and making. By no means is this a definitive way of
making fabric banners but since I’ve been posting images of my results on social media,
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I’ve made them. I wanted to show how
easy it can be, and I’ve even put together downloadable, printable templates that can
assist if you want to make them yourself."

Now it's time to make your own -- Here's the PDF, courtesy of the artist, with instructions, examples, templates, tips & more! Gather some fabric, friends and you have a fun weekend project ahead of you!

 image c/o the  artist's website

image c/o the artist's website