Doreen Garner

Sculptor and performance artist Doreen Garner explores judgment, especially in relation to sexuality, race, and gender, as well as the grotesque histories that black women have suffered. Disconcerting, violent and honest, Garner's work reminds us that the most powerful art is often uncomfortable.

In November, Doreen Garner is teaming up with artist Kenya (Robinson) for White Man on a Pedestal, an exhibition at Pioneer Works. Garner focuses on Dr. J. Marion Sims to reveal the savage gynecological procedures he inflicted upon black women. 

When asked by SheFolk about how gender plays into her work, she reflected, 

"Gender is one of the important elements in my work mostly because it is an important element of my life experience. The reason that I create work is to express myself and my experience, as cliche as that may sound. My journey into womanhood on multiple occasions involved confronting black fetish in white art institutions, racist colleagues, white obliviousness, objectification, misogyny, spectacle, and many other things that have infected my studio practice. I am making new work focusing on Henrietta Lacks and the victims of Dr. J Marion Sims because the exploitation and destruction of the black female body specifically continues to be ignored and swept under the rug whether it occurs in 1845, 1950, or 2014."

Read the rest of her interview here -- her insights on visual language, the grotesque and her performance art are must reads!

photo and quote c/o SheFolk