SoPARTS Spotlight: Anne Desrivières

Anne Desrivières is a graphist and illustrator based in Toulouse, France.

 Boats4people, 2012. Source:  Anne Desrivieres

Boats4people, 2012. Source: Anne Desrivieres

Why choosing graphism and images as your medium to create?
After a few years studying architecture, I decided to go to Rennes Fine Arts School (Communication). This provided a rich ground for thought, and meetings. Those years confirmed my interest in political and social issues; and I also understood that image would be the best way to express what touches me.

What were your motivations to get involved in social projects? Are there any specific issues did you try to address or express?
The images I produce come from my own experience, from causes that are close to me: they affect my environment and my neighborhood. Thus, I sense and react to a feeling of injustice when I find people being deceived or manipulated. It can be the defense of my local movie theater, an image of women in the media, or even the consequences of advertising, immigration, and people dying at the borders. The field is broad but I am particularly interested in speeches, ways of communicating and conveying ideas.

 Parole d'images, 2015. Image's social expression project. Collective project. Source: Anne Desrivieres

Parole d'images, 2015. Image's social expression project. Collective project. Source: Anne Desrivieres

For every pain, there is a pill. For both personal and social “pains”, what is your medicine?
My friends are my first remedy, to change of air, but also to debate whatever the topic is. Humor is essential to me, and it doesn’t prevent seriousness. Finally, drawing and playing sports are other ways to alleviate pain.

What is a normal day for you like during the artistic process? Do you have any rituals in the studio/workspace?
During the morning, I can spend a lot of time laying in my bed, thinking. It allows me to put things in order before starting. It is also the perfect place to brainstorm, to make some progress with projects, and to seek other ideas. The rest of the day depends on ongoing projects, obligations and on my mood. I have a workspace but I can draw at home as well or at my friends’ place. The most important thing is to be on a calm place, alone or surrounded by people I can trust.

 Anne's quick list of influences

Anne's quick list of influences

What does community mean to you? How does that community affect your creative output?
Although I am quite surrounded by people, I rarely work within a group. However, there are persons that have much importance and influence in my creative process at various levels. They take part sometimes at the very foundation of a project, others in the content itself or even while shaping a project. These exchanges and criticism are essential to me, as projects end up much richer.

Is there anything you would change in your life, if you had the chance? In the world?
I would like human values to regain their vital predominance over economic and market values. I wish profit would stop being seeked in everything (culture, health, etc.), at least excessively.

Can you share a story about social injustice or socio-related and tell us: How do experiences like these manifest in your work?
In 2013, the mayor of Montreuil (where I used to live) lodged a complaint for embezzlement of public funds against the art and experimental movie theater of the city. The mayor started at the same time a large smear campaign, against the movie theater team (symbol of the past, of former mandates). The mayor's relentlessness during those months compelled me to react. It had nothing to do with justice: she just wanted to break the image of this movie theater team at all costs. I decided to create a poster to occupy the street space and talk about what was going on. Then, I declined this poster in badges. Their sale (about a thousand pieces) provided financial support to the strikers. It was also a moving sign of support and long-term resistance for both citizens and employees after returning to work.


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