The Refugee Art Project

The Refugee Art Project seeks to facilitate the art and self-expression of asylum seekers and refugees, which is then presented to the Australian public through yheir exhibitions and publications, in order to challenge and educate the wider community. From late 2010, more than 500 artworks created by Refugee Art Project participants have been exhibited to the Australian public.


"We are not a political organisation and we do not align ourselves with any political party or policy. We believe that art which is true to life cannot be reduced to the status of a political agenda or ideology. Our intention is simply to enable asylum seekers and refugees to communicate to the public in their own voice, through art, which creates a bridge between them and the community. This is still a political act insofar as the voices of asylum seekers are shut out of public discussion and are often misrepresented and maligned by our political leaders and the commercial media. By showing the art of asylum seekers and refugees, we hope to raise greater public awareness about their treatment at the hands of Ausrtalian authorities, and more importantly, to facilitate the powerful struggles and acts of creative autonomy which they intitiate against that treatment."

Still Alive Exhibition

The Refugee Art Project presented Still Alive: a new exhibition of original artworks by asylum seekers and refugees in the Villawood detention centre and the Western Sydney area.The exhibition featured powerful artworks by asylum seekers and refugees from such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Burma.

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