Youssef Limoud

Born in Giza-Egypt, Youssef is an artist and writer whose work raises questions about order and destruction, the political and social, and humanity in the face of violence. His work spans far and wide but there is always a sense of fragility running along time and space. 

In the artist's installation Bread,  he wanted to connect past and present using a symbol that shapes daily life in Egypt and measures poverty, inspired by the long lines of residents waiting for the food. The figures are taken from Egyptian artist Abdel Hady Al-Gazzar, whose painting depicted a group of people begging.

As Limoud explains, "The installation represents the current state of the majority of the folk not only in Egypt but also in many countries in the middle east, specially after the Arab spring, and in Africa in general".

Bread, 2009

Bread, 2009

Limoud's works are all wholly unique so a visit to his website will help you familiarize yourself with his work, but also give you a chance to think about the ties between countries, destruction and humanity.