Around social inequality issues created in collaboration with artists and intended for SoPARTS' public.


All of these projects

 will address important topics in imaginative ways.



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or Decolonize this!

A hands-on, head to head exercise in celebration of the February 2018 launch of White Gaze, a collaborative art book project by Michele Dizon, Viêt Lê and Faith Wilding, published by Sming Sming Books & Objects.


From Hammamet With Love

A video-collage to explore the multiple facets of the Tunisian economic and politic context by Yesmine Bel Khelil

We're looking for artists to join the SoPARTS community! Submissions are now being accepted from all over -- make a toolkit, share art, create change #arttoresist 

If you are interested in developing a toolkit, please contact us