Racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of social injustice are reaching global peaks. In this time of uncertainty, education and creative output are of greater importance than ever. Activists, artists, and the public at large are creatively banding together to challenge discrimination and promote equality.

Looking to join the conversation and support crucial causes, this project emerges to provide a digital, and therefore globally accessible, space where parallel artist initiatives are gathered together and shared as tools for promoting equality, breaking down stereotypes, and facilitating connections between social movements and people. Content is developed as follows:

  1. Resources: An evolving library of existing projects, ranging from interdisciplinary research and efforts by other organisations to artwork, related to inequality and human rights issues.
  2. Tools: Creative projects and toolkits around social inequality issues created by artists and intended for the public. There will be a wide range of art and issues for visitors to connect with; from zine tutorials to visual art guides, all of the projects will address important topics in imaginative ways.


Our Mission

SoPARTS serves to create a globally collaborative community that appeals to understanding and supporting one another by incorporating art as a means to create alternatives, and ultimately, to encourage the connection of projects, organisations, but most importantly, people.